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The term ‘power profile’ on LinkedIn sounds a bit too mysterious. Some people mistake it as similar to verified profiles on Instagram or Facebook, with a perception that only personalities like Priyanka Chopra or Elon Musk can have that.


First things first, that is completely wrong. You, me, anybody can be fortunate enough to have their names on the list of LinkedIn’s power profile of the year. 

Now, first, let’s have an understanding of what exactly is referred to as a power profile?

What is a power profile (In the context of LinkedIn)? 

According to the definition LinkedIn provides, the power profile is a showcase of the most viewed professionals on LinkedIn.

As simple as it sounds, there is a race on the platform to become a power profile, and hence, tonnes of articles spilling out the magic secret to become one. 

Well, to be honest, there is no magic potion, if you looking for one. Like everything else, this too requires a unique strategy and consistency to pull it through.

Now that we have mentioned strategy, let’s get into defining one.

How to create a power profile on LinkedIn?

Have a complete and legitimate profile: This has to be one of the simplest and yet the most crucial parts of having some work done towards becoming a power profile.

Fill in your credentials. That’s it! Half of the work is done. The rest is 50%.

  • Name- Remember when you are onto filling your credentials, this is strictly a professional platform that at best allows some quirky content (in a smart way), not beyond that. So, no scope for weird usernames. Use your name exactly what is there on your official documents. A big NO to use creativity here.

Some people write their names in different languages to promote inclusivity (mainly Hindi), but it is completely how you prefer.

  • Headline: This column is like a sub description of how you identify yourself. 160 characters to build your brand identity. This pretty much acts as a first impression to your profile visitor.

Instagram bios like ‘First cry on 7th July’, ‘Rockstar by birth’, tend to act as repellants. 

So, just think about LinkedIn. Instagram being a super quirky social media platform tend to reject these bios as trustworthy. You have to be extra careful with a professional platform like LinkedIn.

Here are some points to remember-

  • Start with describing your profession. Try writing your passion before the actual profession. For example, Music composer| MBA third semester (In case you are a student.)
  • Describe your purpose. Like, I build your brand through graphics. It should be short and on point.
  • Avoid being unprofessional with words like super-achiever, hustler, world conqueror. Nobody likes bragging. So, mention what you have achieved in real and let the audience decide if you are a world conqueror.
  • Have a professional profile photo on display: Make sure your profile picture is recent, relevant to your profession, and of high resolution. 

Utilize the LinkedIn banner efficiently: The banner space allows you to make 5x more use of the space you got with the profile picture. It lets you add the logo, brand title, some taglines, your pictures and more. To make sure, you don’t clutter the banner, use the templates provided by Canva and similar sites.  

This will make your profile more credible and even attractive to stay and read more.

  • Highlight your experience: You have worked really hard for your professional career growth. It’s time to put it on display, literally. 

How much you put out there is always an individual choice. Some people like going all the way in and writing each and every work experience they have had in the sector, while some only like to highlight the important ones.

The choice is yours.

If you are just starting out, it will be good to highlight your educational background and internships.

While if you have had some experience, it is not recommended to bring in the internships you have done in your college time (unless it is an extraordinary feat you want to let people know)

  • Writing the LinkedIn summary: This is the space to create personal branding with SEO-friendly content. 1200 characters can be a lot or less, according to how you approach the description. So, take your time to come up with it.

Some pointers to keep in mind-

  • Use paragraphs (3-4).
  • Include writing about the experience, projects, and skills you have acquired over the years.
  • Highlight your vision and put it across to the reader creatively. It should be more than just words.
  • Build connections: Find the profiles relevant to your domain and build connections. Send a customized message to each. 
  • Engage with your audience: Reply to comments, give suggestions, ask questions. Engage constructively with your audience to increase the reach and build thought leadership.
  • Post regularly: A lot of users don’t see LinkedIn as a social media platform. As a result of which they fail to use it as one. Posting consistently with relevant information about your domain is the key to keeping your connections and followers interested.

As we mentioned just when we started the article, consistency is the key to whatever oath you choose to follow. Understand the media and build a strategy of your own and stick to it. Be consistent. And enjoy the process while the universe conspires to bring you in the list of the power profiles!

While all of this may overwhelm you, trust us, it is simpler than it looks. 

And it is going to get a lot simpler with our digital coach guiding you through it.

Why wait when you can right away schedule a free call to get the best guidance you are looking for!

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