How to choose the best digital marketing agency?

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Specialization exists for a reason and sometimes, it is the only way to real growth. To outsource the most important things to specialists is what sets apart an extraordinary business from ordinary business.

One such specialization is digital marketing, which is so fast evolving, that it almost is a separate task to keep up with it.

Digital marketing agencies- yes- these are what comes to the rescue when we, as a business, are looking for digital marketing experts.

What exactly are digital marketing agencies?

In simple terms, a digital marketing agency is an advertising agency that has evolved to meet the changing needs of marketing in the digital age. 

Before we jump into understanding how to choose the best digital marketing agencies, we will briefly highlight here, why at all you should be marketing online.

Why you should be marketing online?

Offline marketing is cool, big hoardings, newspaper clippings, magazine covers. But let’s face it, online marketing is the answer today. 

We walk past through huge hoardings, not even noticing them because we were so hooked on our phones.

Offline marketing mediums have to do a lot more than online ones to catch our attention. This is why it makes more sense to invest more time and energy in the ones that have more ROI.

  • Almost everyone is on the internet. When your consumer base is right at the click of a button, why would you ignore that to invest in something else?
  • It is easy to adapt and change quickly. If the results are not as per your expectations, it is relatively easy to come up with a new strategy and modify it accordingly.
  • Creating communities on social media works like magic for marketing. When like-minded people with similar interests come together, there is an increased scope for marketing to be leverage through digital marketing strategies.
  • One of the biggest advantages of online marketing over offline ones is tracking the ROI in real-time. To know exactly what is working and what is not makes sure no time is wasted on doing the things that are not yielding any results. Whereas, in offline marketing, it is fairly difficult to keep track of progress.

Now that we have convinced you to explore online marketing for your business, we bring into the picture Digital marketing agencies whose very existence is to do the best work for you.

Before we jump onto our final segment about how to choose the best digital marketing agencies, we will try to have a surface understanding of what exactly are they designed to do.

What does marketing agencies do?

  • Market research: Unlike the false perception about the agencies, these do not directly start promoting your business randomly. For every client, there is a tailor-made approach to go forward.  

One of the most important steps of their research includes understanding your market and your audience to gauge what their interests are and what they like to hear and read.

  • Google Ads: These agencies excel in using a marketing channel to its fullest. That is why they are called specialists in the first place. 

Considered the most effective mediums of marketing, Google Ads are specifically designed to show to only those people who are interested in that, who are looking for a solution to their problem. That feature exponentially increases the chances of having a qualified lead.

  • SEO: The experts in these agencies are trained in optimizing your content in a way it ranks higher and higher in Google search engine pages. 

Not only will it create brand awareness over time, but it is also the perfect tool to capture the attention of potential customer for your business.

  • Facebook advertising: Many digital agencies offer PPC management that includes Facebook ads. Their precise targeting options along with a huge user base creates vast opportunities for building a loyal customer base. To do it the right way is the job of a digital marketing agency.
  • Mobile marketing: About 90% of mobile searches lead to action, and over 50% of mobile searches lead to purchase. Only if you do it the right way!

Some of the other effective marketing mediums include content marketing, email marketing, eBook generation, etc. Every type of marketing channel requires a different approach for success. This is why it is always a good idea to outsource this work out to digital agencies.

Now, the question comes, 

How to choose the right digital marketing agency?

  • Know your goals: Like how every business specializes in their field, different digital marketing agencies are the same. 

There are areas for them they specialize in, and choosing the one that will work best for us requires us to define our goals.

What is our purpose for hiring a digital agency? Do you want to build a content marketing automation system? Do you want marketing videos?

Do you want a digital promotion, in general?

Define your goals with ultimate preciseness and look for a corresponding agency that specializes in the same.

  • Look for a list of their past clients: Client testimonials are one of the best ways to have a look at their credibility.

Look for their experience with the agency, it will give you a fair idea if their work is credible.

You can also have a look at Google reviews by their customers to have a fair understanding of their capabilities as an agency.

  • Have a look at their team members: Go through the agency’s website and look for the description of their team members and the field they specialize in. LinkedIn profiles are another way to have an idea if the agency has people specialized in areas you want to get your work done in.
  • Core values and company culture: If the agency operates in an environment that is in complete contrast to how your business works, it may be a headache for you to adjust yourself to its workings.

It is always advisable to work with an agency with similar values and culture. 

  • A well-designed website: It is the first impression that the agency is making on you. If it fails to impress you, you can hardly expect any good work for yourself since the website forms a crucial part of digital marketing.
  • Look closely at their promises: Make sure you assess their promises for being realistic. Outlandish promises are always a red flag. You don’t want click baits, you want genuine agencies to work for you.

Look out for transparency and realistic promises. 

  • Understand the scope, process, and timeline: Before the project starts, make sure every person with a stake in it agrees on the scope and timeline before moving forward.

Transparent communication about the working timelines is always a constant factor in successful partnerships.

The most important thing is to ask questions, to yourself about your goals, to the agency who is about to work for you, to your company about what services are they expecting. The key to a digital breakthrough is always asking the right questions.

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