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We all have, at some point, dreamt of ourselves standing in place of the one speaking on the YouTube video we’re watching.


Being a YouTuber is a legit profession now and the platform has rightfully been tagged as a place of bleeding creativity.

Having an active and consistent YouTube channel is one of the most important dimensions of a successful digital marketing strategy.

Your channel depends on the subscribers you have gained over time by being consistent in your efforts. While buying followers seems very tempting, it comes with its negatives like gaining inactive followers or bots as subscribers.

It eventually leads to degraded channel brand loyalty. So, this article is going to focus on gaining genuine and loyal subscribers by keeping in mind a few things.

How to increase your YouTube subscribers?

  • Ask your viewers to subscribe: Sometimes, your most loyal viewers might not be your subscriber just because they forgot to. So, it is never too salesy to remind them to subscribe to your channel.

It is always advised to do it after your video ends after you have provided the viewer what they expected from you.

After you have incentivized them with your content, use that end screen to nudge them to like, share, and subscribe.

  • Build your community: Think of your channel as a community and not as a leader dropping content and hiding.

Respond to the comments, check out the creators following you, and appreciate their content.

Interact with your viewers by creating engaging and communicative content.

If you be close to your viewers, you will instinctively know what they expect from you and create similar content to further increase engagement.

  • Work on your banner art: Your YouTube banner welcomes everyone who clicks into your channel. Anyone who is visiting your profile is a potential subscriber. Make your banner art as precise, expressive, and informative as possible.

The visitor must get an essence of what you produce.

Your banner must be clean, on-brand, compelling, and optimized for all devices.

  • Work on your channel description: This is an extension of the banner art you just worked on. The aim is the same- to tell your potential subscriber why they should subscribe to you and what they should expect.
  • Creating a theme and building a channel brand: Having consistently themed thumbnails is a powerful way to build your brand. 

Use the same font, the same color palette, or even the same frame composition so when the viewers see your video on their timeline, they instinctively know it’s from you, building a channel brand they identify with.

  • Be consistent: Success in every field depends on one of the most important things- Consistency. The goal is to post as consistently as possible- quality and quantity wise.

Yes, that is your goal. Means and end.

People like consistency. And you should like attention. When you offer consistency, they will offer attention. Stay relevant by staying regular.

  • Cross-promote: You should promote your YouTube video on various social media handles you have- Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. It will drive people from diverse fields with diverse interests.

Instagram and Facebook stories are ideally suited to post the trailer since there is an option to leave a glimpse of the video there.

  • Create a customer channel trailer: YouTube’s customization settings allow you to make the most of the featured video space at the top of your channel page.

For the subscribers, let them know what they can expect next. Give them enough reasons to stay.

The mantra remains the same- Be consistent, with your quality and frequency of posting videos. Gain the trust of your viewers and give them legit reasons to subscribe to your channel.

Grow and reach the heights you deserve!

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kankshi bansal

kankshi bansal

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