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Writing has always fascinated us for a bit too many reasons. Let’s be honest, at least at some point in time, we have imagined ourselves having our book published and being interviewed as one of the bestselling authors.


What follows is a fantasy to live off the royalties with our five little puppies on a Scottish highland.

Let’s come back to reality for a while.

Not that any of the things mentioned are not possible to achieve, they sure are. And you sure can do that too. But, let’s start with an option that is considered today more practical, budget-friendly, and better accessible.

EBook writing.

A brief look into why-

  • Environment friendly: This point perhaps needs no expansion explaining why. It is estimated that reading 44 books on an e-reader, will reduce your carbon footprint by 50%.
  • Affordable: With paperbacks getting costly and more and more people preferring eBook readers, eBooks are seen as a better alternative while being pocket-friendly.
  • Portability: One device and thousands of books. You cannot travel with twenty books packed with you. If the one you picked up to read didn’t click with you, you can’t magically reach out for the one you didn’t bring. 
  • Interactive elements: Embedded with audio and videos, eBooks make reading a whole new experience.

Things to keep in mind while writing an eBook-

  • Do not choose a hot topic: While it may be tempting to end up choosing a topic that is highly discussed and is considered a hot topic, but it may end up being a waste if you know little about it.

It is always a good idea to choose a topic you have intensive knowledge about and are genuinely passionate about. The writing will come naturally only if you have it together in your head.

Then what to choose if not the hot selling topics?

Choose the one you think your audience needs to read. Conduct a survey, give them a few options to choose from. And you will have your answers. Sometimes, your audience is tired of coming across the same old topics as the hot-selling ones. A lot are looking for fresh content giving them new, valuable information from a fresh perspective.

So, study the area you are connected to and dig out the topics you know exhaustively about and start with that.

  • Remember it is all a part of marketing: Think like a publisher when you are writing your book. Already have in mind the sales page and how you are going to design it. What is going to be your selling points?

Why your audience is going to read your book? What new is your book offering that the others in the market are not?

These questions are going to drive you to aim high and come up with work high in quality. 

While writing becomes easier for you when it comes to your book launch, you will already be better prepared than writers usually are.

  • Plan your eBook: Before you directly start writing after deciding on a topic, research and brainstorm what all needs to be addressed. 

It is always advisable to have an outline of each chapter, an approximate heading. And each chapter having mind maps, index cards, etc.

It will ensure a better flow in your book with each chapter connected to the other. Not only a better vision will make your task easier, but the research will come naturally.

  • Manage your time well: Often it is seen that eBooks are seen as a chain of blogs tied together. And with this perception in head, it is written like this. 

It cannot be emphasized enough how wrong an approach this is and the result will not be the quality eBook you are looking for. 

It is not always necessary that you have to write thousands of words in a day. It can always be taken slowly as long as the quality is ensured.

  • Let the eBook sit for a while: Before you get to edit your book, let it sit for a while. Preferably, two to three months. 

Once you get away from what you have written and come back to read it, you will have a brand new perspective to edit it.

The king of all writers, Stephen King, has the same advice for every writer- Let your book sit for 2-3 months before you return to edit it.

  • Have a catchy title in place: If the title cannot intrigue your audience, the content inside may never reach the intended ones. 

It is important to understand your audience fully before deciding on the title. See what makes them curious, see what intrigues them. Sure, all these factors are important, but not at the cost of incoherence with the content inside. 

The title will arouse an expectation in your audience. For example, if it is “10 best practices for writing a good eBook”. The audience expects to have relevant content on the same topic. Just because you intend to entice an aspiring writer with your title doesn’t mean you should deviate from the fact that coherence holds equal importance.

  • Remember its promotional value: This is perhaps the most important of all. If your eBook is written with an intent to provide quality information on a topic, so that the next step the reader takes is to reach out for your product related to that field, there should be a specific approach.

For example, if your eBook intends to spread information about writing good content, they should also know that you give courses on writing. It should either be through your ‘About the author’s page’ or be a part of your promotional campaigns.

If there are only ideas and no words, you could always hire a ghost writer. And if editing is a problem, professional proof readers and editors are always available. 

Don’t let that idea dissolve in the words of nothingness.

If you are looking for a sign, this is it.

Want your ideas to be penned down by a ghost writer? Hire one!

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kankshi bansal

kankshi bansal

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