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With an average of 1.09 billion daily active users, Facebook holds the key to your breakthrough, only if you have a good hold of it.


And yes, Facebook advertising deserves a separate blog. And we say that because it has the best ad targeting of all sites. And one of the best tools in the hands of digital marketing agencies.

Still, if you don’t know how to utilize it effectively, your ad could get lost in the void.

So, what is the secret? Sorry, this article won’t spill any secrets because there are none. The key is understanding how the platform works and how it expects you to work. Don’t worry, we will help you through the maze.

How to write a Facebook ad copy?

  • Narrow your audience by using Facebook targeting and write an Ad copy specifically for them: Randomly writing to your audience won’t work. Understand the distinct preferences your audience could have according to their gender, demography, and interests.

Facebook provides you to narrow your audience by choosing on the demography, gender, behaviour, connections, generations, politics, etc. 

You can choose the categories of audience you want to target with a specific ad and keeping in mind who you are writing to, write the ad copy.

Not only will it greatly impact your ad’s performance and reach but will get you an impression on your audience’s head for a longer time than usual.

  • Be brief: Yes, we get that you have invented a lot for your Ad and it becomes very difficult to not end up stuffing all information you can in an Ad. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work. The ads that do well are often the ones written in brief and are crisp.

The question that your ad should specifically answer is what problem is your product or service solving? Why you and not someone/something else?

Just kind in mind- less is more.

  • Choose the image carefully: A lot of Facebook ads are written quite well but are matched bizarrely with images that have no connection with the content in the post. 

When the image and the content of the ad don’t match, it ends up confusing the audience to what exactly you are selling.

Most likely, your ad will be wasted. So, a big NO to this.

  • A clear Call-To-Action: Now, here’s a tricky part. An ad mainly has two objectives- building brand awareness and/or aiming for a direct sale.

An ad can aim to do both but what is often advised by the experts is that you shouldn’t try doing both. 

Focus on anyone when you are writing an Ad. It is proven that this method works better. 

Your ad should give a clear and direct call to action. This constitutes the most important part of your ad. Make sure to focus well.

Examples could be ‘shop now!’, ‘click here’, ‘call now’, etc.

  • Use simple language: When it comes to ads, using flowery language is a big no-no!

The Facebook user has come to relax, don’t give them more work to do. Make it easy for them to go through your ad.

  • Numbers matter: Give your audience numbers. For some reason, shopping seems much better when we save more than we spend. Show the discounts you are offering. Tell them how much they are saving. Give them the price, the percentage, and statistics. 

Numbers work! Be direct and upfront about it.

  • Test your Ad: There is an option on Facebook where you can pay a small fee to test your ads. Make two different ads with a small difference in writing and run them. See the difference.

See if the ad with a blunt statement worked more or the one with a question.

You get to understand your audience better and have a better perspective when you write your next ad.

Have that balance of the right content and the right imagery get perfected with every ad.

That is the sweet secret of having a Facebook ad copy that works!

Writing an ad copy is a skill that requires patience to be cultivated.  You can always get a head start by consulting the best of experts in the field.

We would love to be a part of your digital breakthrough. Click here to schedule a free call with our experts.

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kankshi bansal

kankshi bansal

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