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“The best way to convince someone you can help them is to actually help them.” - Frank Kern

How to sell products/services through webinar

And what better way to demonstrate this in action than the culture of hosting webinars. Webinars are a classic example of providing valuable free content to the people interested in that particular field and convincing them you can help them with more with your paid product.

It is modern give and take except there is no guaranteed ‘take’. But, the good news is we don’t need guaranteed takes. A few ‘takes’ would work wonders. And this is why webinars, today, are a great marketing tool for every kind of business.

We can have the best of resources in hand and still not get results while, for some, a few good tools are enough. This article focuses on how to use this particular tool to its fullest potential so we don’t have to run around looking for more tools.

Why webinars prove to be so effective?

1. Personal connection and trust-building: Webinars are one of the most personalized forms of marketing tactics where people see you not as a businessman selling his product but as a real person, making jokes and answering their queries.

This not only addresses their concerns first hand but with every word you say, the audience trusts you more, provided you are genuine with your speech.

Your customer needs to trust you as a person before trusting in your product and this is one of the main focuses of webinars. Once that trust is gained, you can go for a softer approach to persuading them to help them more with the services you are offering. Hard-pitching is a thing of the past now, customers today need to be heard than sold to.

2. A trailer before the movie: Your webinar should be planned in a way a trailer launch is planned. The whole idea is to give a sneak peek to your audience to what they should expect. And we all know that one great movie whose trailer doesn’t do justice to it. Your webinar should not be like that. It should be more and beyond your product, promises must be made, and you should strive every day to deliver on your promises through your product or service.

A successful trailer launch increases the chance of the film being a blockbuster, if not guarantee. And it is all about increasing chances when it comes to marketing.

3. Helps build an e-mail list: E-mail marketing, segmented and manual both is one of the top methods of marketing used by businesses today, and having an email list becomes a pre-condition for that. Webinars require email addresses to register for, and even if the registered person does not attend the actual webinar, he becomes a qualified lead since he interacted with your business in some way. 

Soft targeting the acquired lead with free e-books, demos, and seminars can get them acquainted with your product or service.

4. You, as a service provider, now know what your customer expects: As you reach the Q&A stage of your webinar, you now stand a chance to know your audience’s expectations with your product. And this must be regarded as the most important stage, where you are right away given the information that you need to be a better service provider. 

Use the information, use it well. It holds the key to growing in the right direction.

Now we come back to our question,

How to utilize webinars in a way that it sells?

1. Be clear about your goals: Generalized webinars with no clear direction do not prove to be much effective. Whereas, webinars that directly aim for an objective to be fulfilled and make a clear promise to their audience perform better.

What must be your goal?

It should be directly related to the service you are offering.

If your service is to offer online writing classes, your webinar’s objective could be, ‘How to edit your novel without hiring an editor’. 

The audience that will be interested in attending this webinar will undoubtedly be interested in learning how to write effectively. The leads that a webinar generates are almost always qualified.

2. Give sufficient time to your pitch: A lot of entrepreneurs are hesitant to showcase their pitch during the webinar. Often, it is believed that they are diverting from the promise and objective of the webinar, while they are not.

The audience is interested to know where they can learn more.

A standard suggestion of the structure of a webinar goes like this-

  • Main Content (30 minutes)
  • The Pitch (15 minutes)
  • Q&A (15 minutes)

All three of them hold parts of the key to a successful webinar.

The main content delivers on the promise made. As for our example above, this part of the webinar would be spent on giving out information on how to edit a book professionally without professional help. This should be prepared in a way that the audience learns. This will build the trust that you would need for your next step- The pitch.

Around 15 minutes are generally spent on pitching your product. You should consider this as a continuation of your main content. It should serve as a solution to a problem. The audience should know how, if they subscribe to your product, can learn more about the same topic.

Details like price, the structure of the course, customer reviews, bonuses, etc. should be included in the same.

Next comes the part of the webinar where you can know your audience closely. Understand their expectations regarding the product. – Q&A.

You should try to take maximum questions to address in this part. Not only will it allow you to know your audience better, but it would also allow them to see you as a real person resulting in more trust.

3. Planning is all done, it is time to promote: Promotion constitutes the most important part of the webinar which will eventually decide how many people show up. Here are the resources that will come to your rescue-

  • E-mail list: The long (ideally) holy list of email subscribers are the ones you should target the most while you promote your webinar.

57% of the webinar registrations come from email compared to other communication channels.

  • Pre-webinar promotion: 5-6 emails (with periodic gaps) before a webinar is preferable. The content of each email should be different from the other. Building anticipation, giving out information about the event, providing context by giving out a free e-book is some of the content marketers prefer.

33% of the webinar sign-ups occur on the day of the webinar itself. So, you should schedule your final email within 24 hours of the webinar.

  • Promotion on social media: Platforms like Instagram, Facebook can be used to promote the event, attracting an interested audience.

4. Designing your registration and confirmation page: Usually, providing a free demo or an e-book is promised in exchange for registration. Your thank you page should fulfill whatever promise you had done. It should also re-iterate the title and objective of the webinar further solidifying the chances of the person attending the same.

How to ensure sales boost after the webinar?

There is one and only one answer for this – Post webinar e-mails: There are surely going to be fewer people in your webinar than registered. But, what matters is if you follow up with them. 

  • Follow up with people who attended your webinar. Tell them more about your course, offer them discounts. Your main focus must be to give most of your attention to the most qualified leads.
  • Then comes the people who had registered for the webinar and not attended. You should understand these people were interested in your offering, and qualify to be a valid lead. Utilize this understanding to forward them the recording of your webinar followed by the same steps you implemented with the people who attended your webinar.
  • You should follow up with your leads from time to time to remind them of your offer and update the information about your course if there are any changes.

More than 60% of marketers use a webinar to promote their content.

There are businesses out there that generate sales leads only through webinars. As a marketing tool, it holds more potential than any other, provided it is used efficiently. 

So, go out there, grab all information that you need, and execute!

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